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Report - Silverlands Orphanage - Chertsey - August 2016


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Hellooo urbexers!

So i did Silverlands Orphanage back in the summer of 2016. This was one of my first 5 explores not knowing how risky it was... i'd watched a couple of youtubers being caught but figured i was better, sneakier and by far quieter than them. Saying this i didn't actually get caught... but very nearly. I'll go onto that in the explore part but let me first apologise for my ridiculously awful photos i took! They were on my old phone and didn't realise they would actually ever be of any use ever.

Read here because i'm useless..

The explore
A few of my old friends and i had only just started the whole "urbex" scene and thought Silverlands would have been one of our best first locations... boy was i wrong but totally right at the same time! We'd scooped the surrounding area plenty of times planning our entry and escape and one day finally picked up our balls and braved it.

We got in through a side window that was left open and had to unlock a broken door knob with the end of a spoon (still amazed and shook by it (had to be there moment)). We were in there for a good 2-3 hours with no sign of security/police and figured we'd seen everything there was to see. As we'd sneaked in at the front of the building under a fence, we thought we may aswell leave through the front door too for a quicker escape.

It was getting to sundown as we were leaving and I wanted to take one final photo of us leaving outside the front door. Upon doing this i saw a moving flashlight shining on the fences to the side of me. I freaked realising it was security or police and ran back inside with my friends following up a set of side stairs into a small closet room on the second floor. Stupidly someone had the left the front door open behind us so the security had followed us up but we were to quick for them to catch and find us. We heard them walking down the corridor right next to us as we were trying so hard to be quiet and then they eventually left.

I made the decision for us to move quietly but quickly back to the front door and leg it to the fence we crawled under. We did this safely, ran across fields and back to the car being undetected. Running through the fields and outfront of the gates i noticed there was one security patrol dog unit, 2 police cars, 1 police dog unit and 1 police van. Safe to say it was a lucky escape and i've never shat myself more than that moment...

Thanks for reading and enjoy my shitty pictures!!:p



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I want to try it soon, as long as im not arrested im down to see it, never had a chance of getting in