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Report - Silverlands Orphanage, Chertsey - December 2014


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Silverlands has always appealed to me because after all, who doesn't like a good staircase?

This was part of a large London group visit, which was a first for me as I'm used to solo exploring or just a few others. It was a great experience and I was rather surprised that the lights are fully functional. When I went the site was a walk in, the security cameras were on but nobody was home. Since going there in early Dec I believe Security was stepped up around Christmas, this was due to a meetup openly being planned for there and people who visited were greeted by the Police. However like most things, it wouldn't surprise me if it's now gone back to being empty.


The exact date Silverlands was built is unknown, however it is thought to be between 1818-1825, the first owner being Vice-Admiral the Rt. Hon Sir Frederick Hotham. Silverlands was used as the Hotham family home until approximately 1887. The Actors Orphanage was started in 1896 and was both a home and school to approx 60 children. The home and school was moved to Silverlands, Chertsey in 1938.

In 1941 it became a female nurse’s school for the nearby Botley Park Asylum and St Peter’s Hospital. This ran alongside the buildings use by the Actors Orphanage, until 1958 when the Orphanage Ceased to exist. In 1990 Silverlands Nursing School amalgamated with other schools of nursing in Surrey and Hampshire to become the Francis Harrison College of nursing and midwifery.

Since closing there has been many plans for the site none of which have come to pass and so as such Silverlands now stands empty.




Peek-a-boo. The downside of exploring with a large group is that there's always someone to photobomb you!!











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I was notorious for my accidental photobombing in Chernobyl so I won't complain when people accidently get in my shots. :)


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Beautiful woodwork, such a shame to see the leaking doing it's inevitable damage. You'd think they'd at least keep the roof properly on these places. The lift is great - was it operable (you said the lights were on, so I'm curious)..?

Great pics - thanks!