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Report - Silvermere Bunker, Surrey - June 2013.


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Silvermere Bunker, Surrey

Not a massive amount of info online for this one; a couple of snippets shamelessly plucked from here and there..

A small air raid shelter thought to have protected the workers at a WW2 dispersed production site; Foxwarren, for for Vickers-Armstrongs near to Brookland Airfield and Foxwarren Park

The site had associations with the bouncing bomb, (which was developed at what is now Brooklands College), the Viking, Valiant and V1000 prototypes as it remained in use until the mid 1950's

I visited this local bunker early one morning and a big thankyou to bauhausgirl for both showing me this, and also for the lift to the station :thumb

Main Entrance, via a gated flight of steps




The tunnel forms a giant 'C' with entrance at one end and emergency exit the other..

(Much of it was filled with clutter and didn't provide any worthy pics other than this)


No sooner did we head in and BHG f00ked off like Alice in Wonderland, I later found her behind these tyres :D


Lastly the 'Emergency Exit' some 15ft below ground at this point


Thanks for looking and shouts to bauhausgirl, you can see her report here > http://www.28dayslater.co.uk/forums/military-sites/80107-silvermere-air-raid-bunker-weybridge-barrage-balloon-depot-surrey-april-2013-a.html

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