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Lead or Rumour info - Simpson Street School - Sunderland


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Looking at this place as first assignment as I go past it
every day and it looks pretty interesting.

Has anyone heard of or done a visit? Will not be in
For a while as I've knacked my quick lens but will
let you know how it goes!

The Stig

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Noticed that google doesnt have a street view here, but a view on bing map gives a better view but still can not see any school down in this area :confused Poss give alittle more details please?? cheers


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I had a quick look at this the other day on passing, It looks to have been empty a very long time and not a school for even longer.

There was a guy in a van just pulling away as I turned up. Possibly the owner.
Didn't spend long there but couldn't find a way in.

Its this building, stig.