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Report - Sion Hill Middle School, Kidderminster April 2016


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I came across this place a fair few years ago whilst working in the area but since then had completely forgotten about it. A friend mentioned it last week and a plan was formed to go and explore the place.

As we approached, the school looked like a big site but its actually very deceptive. I suppose it doesn't help being just a middle school. We did a tour around the site first and scoped out any potential openings, a dog walker who was on the school field halted our tracks for a few minutes but once we'd said morning and realised he wasn't a residential bell**d (you know the ones) we continued and found our way in.

Once in the building it was soon clear it was just a big square, as we got a little further down the corridor there was a nice smoky smell in the air and a fire damaged part of the building soon became visible. The fire had only damaged a few classrooms and we continued on. Classrooms were the same on both floors with all cables ripped out and classroom furniture scattered around. The main assembly hall was a nice sight with a big stage at the far end which was surrounded by wooden décor and dark red curtains.

We some how missed the sports hall at first but we found another way in and for me this was the best part of the explore. Basketball nets on the wall, gymnastic equipment hanging from the ceiling and the old wooden floor was still in a decent condition, considering. Even though no lessons had taken place in there for nearly 10 years it still felt active and could easily host an Urbex games so to speak.

Not the best place iv explored but certainly not the worst!


I cant seem to find much history on the place but I do know it was designed by Sir Frederick Gibberd and was built in the late 50's. It was a middle school so only took children for the ages of 9 - 13 years old. It has been left decaying since August 2007. Within the last 10 years it has made the headlines a few times due to vandalism, drug users, arson and travellers taking over the site.

Plans were put in place to make it a permanent home for travellers but as you'd imagine local residents were not happy with this. In August 2015 the site got the green light for housing redevelopment and work is about to start on the demolition of this place.

Here are a few select pics below. I just want to confess this is the first time iv taken my camera off auto and all shots were taken manually, any feedback would be appreciated!

Thanks for looking!

The front of the school

Back of the school

Fire damaged classroom

Sports hall (Looking at the back with changing rooms behind me)

Sports hall (Looking at entrance towards changing rooms)


Science classroom

Looking into the square

Creepy kids chair in the changing rooms

Main assembly hall

Classroom with the biggest radiator id even seen


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Is this location still about? Or has it been knocked down?
I had read that they will be building houses on it but not sure if they have begun construction yet!

Was it safe in there? No floors/ceilings falling down?!


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I drove past this site a few days ago and although its still there. It is heavily boarded up at the front, not sure what its like at the back though.