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Lead or Rumour info - Sir Tristram, Portland Harbour

Jordan Cormack

28DL Member
28DL Member
Anchored in Portland Harbour is a ship called Sir Tristram that was originally used in the Falklands War. It has been anchored for 7 years and I haven't seen any activity there for years. I don't know much more about what could be on/inside but could be an interesting place for anyone with a small boat/kayak.




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28DL Member
Used by RM Poole (SBS) to training in ship attacke/helo landing fast rope etc :-)...happens once or twice a year when they also attack breakwater.


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28DL Member
RM Poole use the ship for training frequently and there are Military dive groups using it on a regular basis, nearly got mowed down the other day by RM spin speed runs towards it while we were fishing near the Hood entrance


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28DL Full Member
Since the increase in maritime piracy has increased off the North east African coast and key middle eastern coasts their is an up surge in current and ex special forces training on ships like this. Could make for an interesting exploration only to be confronted with a stun grenade, a few blanks and masked blokes.

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