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Lead or Rumour info - Sittingbourne Water Tower Blow up

Old Git

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28DL Full Member
The 180ft old mill water tower in the middle of Sittingbourne Nr the Station is to be blown on Sunday 19th August,time TBA probably around 8am
Be nice to put a few names to faces etc in Mc D's opposite if its not in the exclusion zone.
More details when I have them if anyones interested?

Old Git

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Film it?,I wish I could see it! Since the date changed I will be in the North East that weekend.If it changes again,Ill be there.
I daresay some one will YouTube it though.

Julie Druggitt

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28DL Full Member
Hi, Amazing to watch tho!
I have now uploaded look up sjdm1 on you tube DEMOLITION OF WATER TOWER AT MILL WAY SITTINGBOURNE 9TH SEPTEMBER 2012


Too old to grow up now!
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Have inserted the video if that's ok?

Sure was a bang, bet my Dad was there watching that lol. Thanks for uploading the vid so we could see it, just hate seeing things demo'd, broke my heart when they took down our local Richborough Towers :(



A Predisposed Tourist
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Thats a big boom.. sad it has to be done but hey you captured it..stealth i got the richborough towers coming down on me youtube mate