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Report - Ski Village - Sheffield - February 2013


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I've been meaning to have a look up here for a while and a lazy day in with the girlfriend became various trips down a ski slope on different makeshift sleds:

The History

Not too much point in going over and over this as it's been covered all over the net recently. To quote wikipedia:
]Sheffield Ski Village was an artificial ski slope complex in the Parkwood Springs area of Sheffield, England until destroyed by fire in 2012. It was believed to be the largest artificial ski resort in Europe with a sports shop, bar, restaurant and a range of slopes which include a snowflex nursery slope, a dendix recreational slope and a freestyle park consisting of a half pipe, hip jump, kicker, a quarter pipe and various grind rails. On 29 April 2012, the main building of the Ski Village was destroyed by a fire. The blaze occurred in the early hours of the morning and no-one was injured. On 1 May 2012, a small hut containing controls for the ski lifts was destroyed in a second fire in the early hours of the morning.​

The initial fire was ruled as accidental despite speculation that it was fraudulent. This place has gone downhill ridiculously fast considering it has been closed for less than a year. Recent newspaper reports suggest that the centre is unlikely to reopen due to the extensive vandalism and theft (as well as further arson attacks) that have plagued it in the past few months. More can be read here: Sheffield crime hit Ski Village unlikely to reopen - Local - The Star

The Photographs

1. This fine looking little mester asked for a portrait on the way up:


2. Climbing frames extraordinaire:


3. Reliving my childhood:


4. This was - however- somewhat of a departure:


5. Interior of the previous vehicle which has moved a good 500 metres from where it was in month old reports :confused:


6. Ski lift winch:


7. The slope, littered with the aforementioned makeshift sleds:


8. My girlfriend (Woolenbungalow) ascending the red run:


9. Sunset on the slopes:


10. I initially mistook this for people doing groundwork, on closer inspection it too is trashed:




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