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Report - Ski Village - Sheffield, February 2013


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Sheffield Ski Village​
My first urbex explore this one and first report so be easy on me, living just up the road in Doncaster this was seen as an ideal place to start my urbex experience. So early Sunday morning me and scottnicklin1 headed to Sheffield. The site has a surprising amount of stuff still there like ski boots, ski lift tickets, ski's and the slopes. If someone had a bit of money the place could easily be resorted to its full working order.

From Wikipedia
“Sheffield Ski Village was an artificial ski slope complex in the Parkwood Springs area of Sheffield, England until destroyed by fire in 2012. It was believed to be the largest artificial ski resort in Europe[1] with a sports shop, bar, restaurant and a range of slopes which include a snowflex nursery slope, a dendix recreational slope and a freestyle park consisting of a half pipe, hip jump, kicker, a quarter pipe and various grind rails.â€￾

Recent news articles on the site
Sheffield ski village targeted by arsonists - Local - The Star

BBC News - Sheffield Ski Village third fire in three weeks


1. Close up lamp


2.Think Tank


3. Graffiti Shed


4. Slopes


5. Graffiti Digger


6. Ski Boot


7. Digger with jet stream in the sky


8. Post on half pipe


9. Ski Village Slope Sign


10. Leaning Ski Boot

It was a hard job narrowing it down to my best 10, I took 215 on the day and got it down to 60 decent ones. I look forward to all your comments and also I know this site has been covered quite a bit recently but wanted to show my pics.


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