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Report - Skull Totem - Poland - February 2021


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We would like to tell you the story of this place, but unfortunately, no one knows it. Strolling around the forest we found this animal skull totem.


We were so scared. Wh someone has built something like this? For fun? Or maybe to perform rituals? So many questions, so few answers. Other strange things were bushes around the totem. They were used as walls and gates. That was kind of a natural temple with the skull totem in the middle.


After returning home, we made huge research on the internet about this place. We found a lot of articles about this place but without the story. Everyone who has visited the totem took only the photos, but they didn't share the story.

Arriving in this place was a little bit risky. Just look at the bridge that was on our way. It meant that we walked towards a dangerous place.


Ok, so it was kind of a temple made of bushes with animal skulls hanging on the tree. Interesting. Do we know any religion where the people use the totem to their rituals? We were in Poland, so we thought about the Slavic religion. Slavs worshiped a lot of gods and the chief :) was Svantevit. Svantevit had four faces, to see all directions of the world. So this totem was not similar to Svantevit. There were more than four faces, they were animal, and they were arranged chaotically.


Except for faces, there were other parts of animal bodies. It was so creepy. We are sure that this totem is not connected with the Slavic religion. So maybe any other European religion? Southern Europeans didn't pray to totems. We checked more information about the Nordic Pagans, but they didn't use animal skulls in their religion. They worshiped only wooden totem.


We tried to find the answer in the fantasy books as well. Andrzej Spakowski in The Witcher has written about Nithing, which was kind of a curse. If you wish someone to die, you should hang the animal sull there and write the name of your enemy. There were a lot of skulls, but no names. That's great. If it had been Nithing, it would have killed a lot of people.


Ok, what do we know about this place? It is not connected with any European pagan religion. It is not a curse from the fantasy book. So let's try to find the answer overseas. Indian totem? Not really, because Indians used wooden totems, but they worship cows' skulls. They hang them on the walls to thank them for their meat, skins, and bones, which are being used on their daily basis. So it may be the part of Indian religion, but it's only our suspicion. The answer may be totally different. And what do you think about that? Who and why has built this totem?