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Report - Skully Relief Sewer and CSO, Stockport - October 2013.


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Skully Relief Sewer and CSO, Stockport


This new CSO constructed under Mersey Square has only just been completed, so much so I had to jump the fenced off compound to grab a pic of the liddage that sits in front of the Plaza ^

The Stockport Town Centre Drainage Area consists of a single sewered catchment, which has an approximate catchment area of 10.48 km² and serves a total residential population of approximately 51,800

The drainage area is served predominantly by a combined or partially separate gravity sewerage system

Essentially a relief sewer used to carry excess flow away from the main trunk during severe weather

A powered screen has been installed to prevent further unsatisfactory intermittent discharges and retain solids greater than 6mm in any two directions
Credits to FreshFingers for getting this done and for the invite on the follow up visits with Alley :thumb

(We also managed to drag Nickindroy in on on a recent re-visit)

'Getting in' was never going to be straight forward


..Oh wait


The outfall is a slippery RCP, which quickly gives way to a steep 4.5ft brick egg

(this is looking back down towards the river)


Eventually the steep incline levels out, the amount of times we nearly tumbled back down I lost count :D


The smell of fresh filled my nostrils as we headed up the overflow which stretches a fair distance

Eventually a small inspection chamber presents itself, ahead of the newly installed powered screen

You can see where the original brick egg has been truncated and merged into the newer chamber


A short crawl up a RCPP leads to the powered screening chamber as modelled by yours truly


It probably came as no surprise to Alley that the first thing I did was jump over into the p00p department

This pic was taken on a previous visit, and the shit scraper was covered in.. Well shit and lots of it!


On the return visit it looks like UU have been down to give it a polish


Beyond the machinery the sewer continues u/s via another RCPP (Re-inforced corrugated plastic pipe)

It was 1ft deep with stale :turd and having stirred it with my size 10's I decided to get a move on


In the distance another inspection chamber which allowed for a further back stretch before once again changing back to a stoopy 4.5ft brick egg


The upstream section was long and slippery, a couple of smaller side pipes entered along the way


Around 200ft of this..


We came to this..

A weir up into a smaller section of pipe heading upstream

It was fairly confined and very slippery with no easy way up so we decided to head back


Back in the CSO, you can see where the relief sewer exits via a small slot, here a Penstock can be raised/lowered when required


Sadly there is no easy way out of here with these beastly hatches guarding the place


It was good to finally see what was down there, massive thanks to Alley and FreshFingers for the outings :thumb


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Slippy as fuck. Knew that Plaza pic would be a beauty! Lot's more shit on your previous visits I see. :D Had a great night out with all of you, many thanks. :thumb


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Those are fantastic shots Ojay. How you prevent lens steamage-up with all that shite in the air is amazing. Great shots, great report.

(Christ, I just mis-typed "great" and it was auto-corrected to Garrett! It was really! Agh, I hope this post isn't banned? :-)