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Report - sky plaza hotel leicester feb 2013


Exploring with MD... its gonna be a lot of fun
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This was one of our best finds myself Goldie and Leics_xp stumbled across an open door while looking for something else and the rest as they say is history..

the sky plaza hotel has been empty since a fire back in Nov 2012 . it seems relatively untouched..
some reviews from when it was open
Having checked in I returned to the reception to ask if they were able to upgrade the MD's room or we would be forced to leave. They did so but I understand it wasn't much better than ours. Basically the hotel is the top part of a multi story car park. The showers were so filthy I didn't get in for fear of getting out dirtier then when I stepped in. The beds were poor and one of the team was asked in reception if he fancied a girl for the night (at a price)!

I was a guest together with my boyfriend on the day the fire broke out in the hotel.no management was there to inform us where to go and what was happening apart from policeand fire department officers keeping us updated.There was no place provided as an alternative even though we were booked for two further nites we had to book into another hotel,the next morning went to the hotel after the fire the management promised to get intouch so as to organise refund for the nights not spent at the hotel ,Heard from sky plaza only once promising refund in the next couple of days hence up to date no refund as promised phone line is dead,very DISSAPOINTED CUSTOMER CARE VERY POOR.still waiting to this day .....

the fire seemed to be confined to quite a small part, anyway some pictures








some good views from the roof too

a few more on here

The Sky Plaza hotel Leicester - a set on Flickr

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