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Slacklining- Howto's, Q's and Pic's


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28DL Full Member
wanna start doing this again for a bit of fun. Used to do it with just a bit of rope or make our own one but now im looking to invest in a fairly cheap one.

Any ideas?

We'r planing on putting one across a river to add a bit of fun!
Cheapish but really good..


Really cheap and still pretty good..




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28DL Full Member
^yeah, goan has the 50mm x 20m (5T rated) from 'the ratchet shop' works a treat. note theres postage to pay, but make the most of that and get other bits at the same time: get some of the purple lifting slings, they have a 7:1 safety factor so although rated to 1T they wont snap until 7T and are more hard wearing than climbing slings.