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Report - Sleaford Maltings February 2013


av u seen my marbels
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This site was so funny, was number 3 of 3 for the day and took ages to get into, and after spotting some other explorers on the roof we just had to get in....
So once we got in it was explore time, and then we found the other explorers and gave them a little fright, after exploring here it was then the nice 2 hr drive home via McDonalds... What a fun day

History pinched fro Eeka
The Maltings is a Grade II* listed complex built between 1901 and 1907 for Bass, Ratcliff and Cretton Ltd.

The central block with its engine house and water tower is flanked on each side by four six-storey malthouses. It has a total floor space of 500,000 square feet, and occupies a site of 13.3 acres with a frontage almost 1,000 ft long.

The Engine House was built first, followed by the Malthouses. The whole complex, including the Houses, cost £350,000, and had the capacity to produce 60,000 quarters of malt in one season.

Sixteen malthouses were originally planned, with the second group located immediately to the south of the existing group.

Maltings operations ceased in 1959 due to the advent of new malting processes and the size and inefficiency of the Malthouses.

The buildings were subsequently used for poultry farming and vegetable processing. They are now all empty.

The fire that gutted three of the malthouses happened way back in 1976.

In January 2009, applications for Planning and Listed Building Consent were registered by North Kesteven District Council, including the change of use to provide 204 residential dwellings, healthcare and community facilities, retail and restaurant floor space, offices and associated open space and car parking.










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