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Report - Sleaford/Rauceby & Sevs - June 2012


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Hello all,
Firstly, this is a big report. 1 because its all in film and 2, because im too lazy to do seperate reports

Its been a while since i posted anything on here now. Unfortunately not because i have done too much exploring (quite the opposite unfortunately)

What only seems like a few weeks ago, my fellow explorer and I decided to go a little bit further than usual, and decided Lincolnshire was a good choice.

Our original plan was to go and visited a couple of trashed, but certain to succeed sites that would take us in a loop around Lincolnshire and through our bigger targets,

This didn't go quite to plan, mainly because instead of relying on a physical map i went for the iFail Google map approach and quickly found that the fields were certainly not Apple friendly.... Fail.

So after trawling around the small village of Nocton in search of a battered old manor house, we finally gave up and decided to go to Sleaford and camp out for the night. After AndrewB fretting about the town being a complete dump, we arrived there to find that it is in fact a really pleasant place! we continued to find a car parking spot (our place of slumber) and found a pub to watch the England game in. We ended our evening with cooking a steak in the middle of said car park, and a visit from the cops at 2AM.... Gnarly

Onwards the next morning, we met up with Layz and gave Sleaford Maltings a visit. finally, a WIN! . Rather than do my usual and steal information from wikipedia, ill point you in the direction of a site dedicated to the maltings

So, one of the more iconic shots of the site


I myself am petrified of heights, and it took a lot of AndrewB and Layz talking to me like a little girls to get me across this...


Some parts were in very poor condition, which made navigating them very tricky. I say that when i am the only one that found it tricky



Obligatory broken glass shot, and a sight that anyone whom has been to this site will have seen rather a lot..



And, one of my personal favourites


And so, this would be our biggest explore of the day. Our original plan of going to St Johns asylum postponed for a more local explore the next day.
Still having the asylum hunger in me, we decided to pay a visit to the Kevesten county asylum, or as it is more commonly known as Rauceby. This place has been significantly redeveloped, and a very small portion remains.

Most of the site now looks like this, a harsh contrast to the sprawling gardens you can see in this video (6MB .WMV file) http://www.simoncornwell.com/urbex/projects/r/videos/rn1.wmv


The only part of this place that i paid real attention to was the Administration building. These normally being sealed tight and grande inside, made me quite eager to see it. Unfortunately to my dismay it had been completely stripped. Even the floors were ripped to the foundations


Quite a contrast really don't you think?



The only thing that was relatively intact was the greenhouse that used to be situated behind the main hall, i think its even listed.


Onwards to the next venue - Severalls....
I had been here many many times before, however this one would be a special one for my own reasons.

I wouldnt have even bothered if it wasnt in film, but i really liked them



They really need to employ a gardener.


I especially liked these ones



A building i hadnt really ventured through, it would have had some fantastic views in the day


The sealed up admin, very disappointed :(


And the 2 shots that must be done..


And thats all folks, thanks for looking​


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