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Report - Slim Pickings, Manchester - August 2014


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Visited with concreteJungle.

Ever since spotting this overflow from the Work 6 sewer on an old North West Water map, I was curious to know what this drain had to offer.
concreteJungle and I visited the outfall from this CSO on a walk along the Medlock a couple of years back. Sadly a heavy duty grille was guarding the impressive two metre tunnel.
Earlier this year after further research, concreteJungle revisited the drain with Gone and they were successful in getting to see what visual treats this drain had to offer.
I had been looking forward to seeing this for myself ever since, so after checking out the new work at SSSI we headed over to this brick built beauty.
The brickwork in here is amazing and is very pleasing to the eye, I could spend ages in this place!






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It's a beaut and some great pics TheVicar

I budged *that lid* a year ago but never walked the ridiculous length of pipe, snooze I lose eh ;)

You can drop in right above it easy enough though, and I'm not buying it for one min you squeezed that grille :p:


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You've captured that nicely TheVicar, stark contrast between the old brick and the new of the previous day.

OJ, after going to the trouble of budging a lid like that why would you not walk up a 2m pipe.

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