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Report - SLP Eng Fabrication sheds by the River Tees March 2009


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I have been looking at these sheds for a long time now though i have been on the site before didnt venture into the sheds as they are very exposed and there is active security patroling with a very large alsation dog which i just managed to dodge from. There are a lot of portakabins mess rooms locker rooms etc enroute all derelict now which were in use when SLP/Oderbrecht had this site for use in construction of oil rigs and gas platforms jackets steel work etc etc for the offshore industry(been closed down a good few years now) TBH i was just passing saw my chance to get in and went for it and i,m glad i did though the sheds were a slight let down.


this was the intended target there was also a ship moored here right next to the sheds, the name on the ship was Tuxedo something or other i didnt get a proper look at it surely someone will know why its there it looked deserted.


this was one of the many portakabins enroute this was a mess room/locker room.


One of the trashed offices


Getting ever nearer at this point i had cover of the offices/portakabins etc the final short walk was over exposed ground were i could have been spotted from a nearby scrap yard or even the transporter bridge.


At last inside and a little bare but there was a bit more to see


an office within the sheds used by contractors Norwest Holst i think part of these sheds were possibly used as stores / parts etc



This section had a lot of the roof missing nice to see the transporter bridge from a slightly different angle.

As you can see part of the roof missing the roof was intact untill just recently.


the famous clock tower


this crate was stuffed full of plans etc of the fabricated steel sections electrical items nuts bolts everything to do with oil rig construction.


The architecture was rather impressive typically industrial from many years ago i need to find out more about these sheds before SLP arrived on the scene and why they are still standing. I think Able UK now own this land.



Final one of the that much photographed and loved landmark the transporter bridge thanks for looking.


Another little nugget of info about that clock tower is that you can see on Dave's pic there is one face missing well i say its missing it was never there. Thats the side that faces the Transporter Bridge and the council (i guess) didnt want the workers that were building the bridge to clock watch so they didnt put a face on that side. Loads of friends of min that have gone into boro with me and seen it have been lke wtf why aint there clock face on that side? and there u go!!:D



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Thanks for all the nice compliments guys back in 2004 i went on an official visit up the transporter bridge and took some pics of the site in question so they are a bit dated but interesting none the less and it shows the overall view the new college now dominates the scene not shown here. After the bridge we went on to look at the clock tower not a lot inside really any way have a look at these.




a slightly different angle again from the transporter bridge.


close up of the clock tower.