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Lead or Rumour info - Small tunnels under Broadway Market, Hackney


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I thought I would post here as I do not have any info and only one crappy cameraphone pic.

Long time lurker, done a few things but I'm not into the photography side of things so I don't post.

A few months ago I went into a shop at the top of Broadway Market and got chatting to the owner about this and that, during the course of the conversation he told me there was a tunnel in the basement of the shop which ran under the road to the site of what is now a school. I was allowed to view the tunnel which is now bricked up.

Last week I was working at the other end of Broadway Market and whilst looking for the gas meter found a matching tunnel in the basement of a property which ran under the street in the direction of The Dove Pub. This was also bricked up but much further back.

I assume these tunnels were once used by the original market as per Camden, the shopkeeper told me they were used during the 2nd World War.

Sorry, bit lame but I have not seen any reference to these previously.