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Report - Smith Anderson & Co Paper Makers - Leslie - March 2010


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The Smith Anderson Companys 'Fettykill Paper Mill' at Leslie was the first truely world class place we stopped at on our little scotland jaunt. Rocking up late one eavning we found a great little spot to set up camp for the night but decided to go have a quick recce of the mill while it was still dark. Wandering off in the vauge direction of the place we were surprised that you could just walk straight down into the heart of the mill without so much as a 'private property' sign. What happened next was a true comedy UE moment. As we stood at the bottom of the path wondering wether if it really was that easy the dormant looking CCTV swang into action panning our direction. There was nowhere to go and sure enough we were greated by the loudest tannoy system ive ever heard. "THIS IS PRIVATE PROPERTY, YOU ARE TRESSPASSING, GO BACK THE WAY YOU CAME OR THE POLICE WILL BE CALLED" boomed out of every cctv point across the little valley! Of course we were not to fussed as it was only a little recce so we started to wander back up the path. The guy, obviously inxperianced with tannoy etiquette left his finger on the button and his deep, seedy scottish breathing ecohed around the little town no doubt alerting every resident that something was amiss! He contiuned to bark orders at us as we headed back up the hill out of the site and back to camp lol'ing all the way.

But anyway i digress, being a weekday morning and full of workers we didnt get to see much of the attual mill, managing only around 15mins in one derelict part before we had set of enough PIRs to attract the attention of a drill wheilding man who attuly appeared medicaly blind he came so close to catching us! What we did see alot of however was the boilerhouse. Raddog and the others seemed to be of the oppinion that the boiler house at Curtis Fine was the epic one of thier trip but athough Fettykil is a little more modest in scale for me it was better, much more intact, pretty much still live infact, with lights blinking and alarms going off all over the shop. The stokers were epic and there was no shortage of legendry industrial names present, Hopkinson, John Tompson, Brookhurst, Patterson Hughes and Crompton Parkinson to name a few! Like i say, world class!











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