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Report - SNCF logistique Lille July 2009 Report

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Cant seem to get much info on this place so here is a bit of info about the company.

February 29, the new SNCF CEO, Guillaume Pépy, received a letter from President Nicolas Sarkozy, setting out the objectives he was assigned during his two-year term. This document highlighted five key-schemes for SNCF future development. One of which definitely is the priority over the four others, and probably by far the most ambitious, will aim at making SNCF a European-wide (and even worldwide) logistics provider.
After having been trying to reduce losses of its freight branch SNCF Fret, the French National Railway seems to opt for a much more aggressive strategy, mostly inspired by the Deutsche Bahn’s.

One all know recent SNCF’s moves, the railway took over a small but nationwide German logistics provider Import Transport Logistik (ITL), which is supposed to widen up market prospects on the east side of Europe, and not later than a week ago SNCF announced it would buy the 57% shares of Geodis that it does not own, through an unexpected friendly take-over bid

When will this stop? After ITL and Geodis, according to the RB-Borsen Danish Press Agency, SNCF would apprently be having a look at Danish logistics provider DSV (about €3.0 billion turnover, in 2007). DSV’s well-developed northern network would be of high interest for SNCF, with regards to its intention of becoming a European-sized logistics provider in the short term.

From what i gather this place was some sort of depot for train's to load and unload???

Like almost every building in France this place is full of Tags.

This part of the building was partly burnt out.



Dont think they could write NO SMOKING any bigger



Dont think i would like that job rough as toast on a cold wet wintery monday morning

My favourite bit of this place all the mechanisms still work on this level crossings even though the track is non existant and cable is snapped