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Report - Soda Ash Works (Snow Factory) May-15


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WoooooW this place really is one of beauty and one of my fav industrial locations to date
looked like something off the bbc's Frozen planet.
Had a great explore with Razstafarian and a none member

The History of Soda Ash Works

Founded by a couple of chaps named John Brunner and Ludwig Mond in 1973 they began producing soda ash about a year later. They used brine solution, ammonia and limestone to produce sodium carbonate in pure form. I understand that at its peak the factory produced 200,000 tons of soda ash a year meaning that the Brunner Mond company became the largest producer of the product in the country and the worlds largest alkali exporter. Wallerscote island Works was completed in 1926. the construction consists of silos and huge metal sheds although all were integral parts of the original structure. The company later became part of ICI which is now owned by Tata. Sodium Carbonate is a widely used in industry for casting and glassmaking. It is commonly used in chemistry as a base and an electrolyte. It is also used domestically in detergents, dyes and toothpaste as well as tasty sherbet sweets!



















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We don't really like HDR on this forum, just doesn't show a place for what it is, just kinda (in some people's opinion) look crap. Your shots look 10x better without it man! Nice one for getting in and seeing the place, It's a nice wander.
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Nice report mate :thumb& looks a wicked place.

Carrying on from what"s been said & I will be diplomatic for once :eek: Can i just say according to the forum Rules what you can post PP wise on 28 is slightly different to what"s acceptable on OS as you know, it"s normally mild PP. No surreal Photomatix etc PP or muti-bracketed shots with PP

We can all slide the sliders but as you know the rules are different on here compared to the other Forums to prevent it getting out of control especially from those that can"t use a camera properly (obviously not you) and decide to burn peoples eyes out instead :eek: that"s what 28DL Facebooks for ;)

Anybodies personal views as to the quality etc matters not as the Forum brief states otherwise.....rightly or wrongly ? & it"s in the hands of the MODs if anything happens.

Personally i like them, but when viewed alongside Raz"s they certainly stand out, maybe for the wrong reasons unfortunately .


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Nice place, but I have to agree with others, the HDR have spoilt your images


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Really interesting place, Im not going to say you have spoiled your pics, I think the content is good I'm just not so keen on the finish, it is however each to their own. ;)


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It also states in the rules that your pictures should make someone want to go to a place (like a tourist? :confused: ) and these definitely make me wanna go there. I think they're ace mate, looks a proper gem this place :thumb


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The building in the first photo reminds me of my city's old Grain Elevator; which was sadly imploded last month.