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Report - Solid Fuel Mine (Coal) (August 2016)


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This is a Solid Fuel Mine in Wales. If you know the location / what mine this is, I ask you not to share it publicly, if you'd like to know the mine, contact me in person.

All safety precautions were taken whilst we were inside of the mine. As you can see in the second photograph, we had safety lamps and gas monitors. Please do not concern yourself with our safety :D

Anyway without further ado. On to the photographs.
A shot looking down the main roadway / heading.

After this, we took a left off the junction, we came to an abandoned coal face, it was abandoned due to having clay joints in the strata above the coal (very weak roof).

This is a close-up of the collapsed, abandoned coal face.

We came out of this side-road and continued down the main haulage drift, we took the first right and this is a shot of abandoned conveyor belting and air pipes ("bags" they called them).

Unfortunately, that's all we managed to capture, but we plan on returning to get more photos :D
Cheers for looking,
- D4RK


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It is a bit shonked these days compared to what it was when it first closed.


As far as I remember, the collapse in the second picture happened after closure, i.e. it was standing one week, allbeit with shitty supports and had buckled in less than two weeks later.


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Yep, very bad roof especially in the Brithdir seam. The face was abandoned on purpose, if you give me a pm, I'll send you the mine plan which states it. Cracking pics mate, I seen these on derelictplaces.co.uk, fantastic photographs, fairplay.

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