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Report - Solid Fuel Mine, Lancs - March '12


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Visited with The Kwan, Snake Oil and too many others to mention!

I'm being deliberately vague about the location of this one at the request of my guides.

I've found a brilliant description of what it's like in this mine on another site:
Much of the 3 hours we spent underground was spent on our hands and knees crawling through tunnels, with the occasional spell of crouching, not ideal if you're over 6 foot tall like I am! This was exhausting, and made me realise just how hard it must have been to have worked down there for a living, 5 or 6 days a week, 10 or 12 hours a day, doing physically demanding work. And this place was still operational within living memory of some people - a workmate's father worked here early in his working life and he's still alive and kicking.
A fantastic day, even if my thigh muscles disagreed the next couple of days!

This might look a nice and confortable height, but I'm on my hands and knees taking this!

There's some fantastic geological formations down here

The whole mine is basically one long stoop or crawl, even the emergency exit!

There's occasional respite in what looks like break areas


I'm not sure how long parts of this mine will passible for, the supporting timbers are soaked

The ceiling is bulging in places

But I still want to go back for views like this...

Again; it was an absolutely cracking

Thanks for looking! :thumb


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