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Report - Solid fuel Mine, Northwest, 2012

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I was lucky enough to tag along on a visit to a solid fuel mine, the trip was courtesy of Morrisey and included myself and Xan Asmodi and some others. We were rightfully asked to keep the location secret and show no images that could give its location away.
Anyhoos, these pictures were taken on a 5mp camera with no tripod so they are shite but hopefully the accompanying video may go some way to redeem the report.

The video I took here shows just how cramped this place was
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This was my first ever mine and Morrisey had said that your going to suffer the next day and yes he was as good as his word, after spending a few hours crawling around on hands and knees I was in agony for the next two days but as the experienced lads there on the day told us " you are now broken in" anyway despite the mine being only a few feet high most of the time and alot of the time squeezing through holes only just big enough to get through, it spurred me on and and definately gave me the bug.

on with some pics...yes they are not the best but here goes

sitting and giving our knees a rest


some roof supports in a more spacious part of the mine

this is what I saw most of the time, if it wasnt this arse it was xan Asmodis arse

Everytime the mine manager inspected the mine he would write his initials and date on a bit of slate and stack it up, most dates range from 1934-1940

More crawling...another arse but this time sporting red, the hight of the roof here was about the norm

more crawling, we had to wait for tunnels to clear before moving because they were just so small

the Highest part of the mine..we could stand up!

check the video
The video here
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