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Solomons 5th Birthday bash! 17th - 18th Jan 2015


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Its going to be that time of year again that we all get together and celebrate our fallen member's birthday, next year he would of been 35 years old and will of been/is 7 years a 28DL member

its normally a break down of getting together chatting loads of shit while heavily intoxicating ourselves, then have a stumble over to the Temonos to light the skies with a lot of fireworks while trying not to blow ourselves up.

For the newer members Solomon aka Jim was the first and hopefully the only one that had climbed the Temenos, when our Mayor, (I wont say names) opened the Temenos he stated that it was made impossible for anyone to be able to climb on it, with true exploring fashion, Jim proved him wrong :)

Although not everyone has heard of the story of Jim we do understand that it would be impossible to stop anyone else to climb it, however I'll explain on here and hopefully some may be detracted from it, to my Mam and Dad they find it peaceful to know/think that this place hasn't been touched by another explorer and it makes it feel like a sacred place for them and Jim, Also I had to fight for a year to get some sort of plaque to be placed near by in remembrance of him, although that was a hard fight, I eventually won by getting a bench onlooking the Temonos with a plaque, but with an agreement that Ill do my best to prevent any other climbers to try this as the council dont want to be seen to respect this.


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Solomons Report

anyways... the venue !



Bedford St (don't really need number its the only pub on the street)
North Yorkshire

17th - 18th Jan 2015

Meet around 7pm+

Anyone is welcome and is a great opportunity for new members to meet the old members (not me, as I still look 18 :p:)

Thank you for reading and hope I see some there :thumb:


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Re: Solomons 5th Birthday bash!

My aim is to be here again for this, be good to see some more heads turn up and pay respects to a great man

Besides, who doesn't like industrial fire works :D

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Hope you all make it an excellent evening to remember Solomon, I have sat on the bench and smiled at his achievement climbing the Temonos.