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Report - some from Camelot old amusement place and a random house on route


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So me and my frIend visited Camelot a few days ago seeing as we used to go as children it was so very weird going round it so derelict and no people around. There was a security in a hut but we didn’t go near it and we aren’t ever loud so we didn’t disturb anybody. Such a bizarre but cool experience. Being in lockdown because of COVID has taken its tole with me (tattoo artist) not being able to open our studio so it was a nice day all round getting out

on the way we found a amazing little building with a house behind it that had cars, trucks and various other machinery. It was awesome. Like a little graveyard. The building itself was very burnt inside so we never really went in. Plus it was totally 30 degrees so we were already sweating walking round. I hope you like and I hope my pictures can show some character
thanx for looking



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Not to bring the OP down too much at all as its great you're getting out there, Camelot is a sort of running joke on here and so expect some light hearted ribbing on any camelol posts ;)

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