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Report - Some recent site visits NE England (Autumn/Winter 2009)


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A while since i posted anything and i have been to a fair few places recently but thought none of them justified a full blown report so figured i would put up a collection of reports just 2 pics from each place hope this is okay starting with St Marys at Stannington.



I understand from reading the local press that st marys is to be redeveloped in 2010 with demolition of various buildings etc.


onto Durham city baths well documented here and on other sites.



This is North Shields the fish quay area which is a shadow of its former self lots of new development in the area this is an old warehouse near to the quay which so far has survived demo and refurb not a lot inside well trashed looks like it had something to do with the fishing industry.


typical of the inside, some rooms had lots of old fishing nets lying around.


this is Norman Riding hospital nr winlaton totally trashed but one or two things have survived. The hospital was in recent years an old peoples home before that i think it was for people with terminal illness's etc. There was security here not that long ago though it looks like they pulled out leaving the place to be smashed up by the locals and copper thieves.


this was typical of the place you can just see the obligotary organ in the back ground for the pleasant evening singalongs. Quite a big place with several buildings all smashed up.


This is Cerebos food factory at Greatham near Hartlepool ive been many times in the past but not since the demo men moved in they seem to have gone now and just left the place a in a right mess so when its getting totally flattened i do not know.


the workshops gutted, i did notice the brown door in the background had Dweebs name on it nice to see a familiar name here.


This is Grangetown station on the Middlesbrough to Saltburn line long since disused not a lot here other than the steel works which dominate the area though maybe not for long hopefully they can be saved.


This line still sees a lot of freight activity.


Still on a railway theme this is Carlisle Kingmoor traincrew office/depot again not a lot here really not too sure when this closed.


well stripped internally.


finally an old quarry in north yorkshire where this little fella was sitting a pleasant surprise indeed.


An old outbuilding nearby which had one or two interesting old items left. Thanks for looking i am aware some of the sites have been done before though some of you may not have seen some of the sites covered here.