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Lead or Rumour info - Some sort of Abandoned Building


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Hey Guys Im New here! Just joined today! I joined because I love exploring and im also very curious about this Building Near Welshpool I pass this building on the way to my local shop everyweek and realised its abandoned, no idea on the history of it or anything, but it has a trainline running next to it and after looking on Google Maps appears to have a Car Repair Garage next to it. Anybody know anything about this building? looks very fun to explore im just not sure about that car garage yet!!Please Dont Hate me if im wrong about this, im Just a very curious Gal….




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Cilcewydd Mill, a former corn mill on the Leighton estate, now partially in use as a garage and for storage.
Ahhh thanks so much for the info apparently the ground floors used as the garage but the upper floors are empty according to google! i was always curious about this place when passing it everyweek to go into Welshpool


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I’ve wondered too, so that’s answered a question for me. I’d love a look at the inside......


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...........Dont Hate me if im wrong about this, im Just a very curious Gal….
Curious is good...it's how things are found.

In future you could try looking at old mapping online as well as check scheduling/listing online. Either would have given you quite a bit of info within a couple of minutes. From what you found you'd be able to then search for other images and discover that there's not a whole lot of interest in the upper floors except the circular starircase.
....For fans of turbines it's a different matter. The Leighton estate had several turbine powered mills