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Report - Sophienheilstätten Beelitz (sanatorium) - Thuringia (Germany)


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this is my first report of an Lost Place visit.

It was in January as my friend and me want to visit the Sophienheilstätten (Sophien-Sanatorium) near Weimar in Thuringia. It was an very cold, but sunny day.
We were parking our car maybe 500m far away from the lost place. But it's not necessary, because near the lost place where appartment houses. So the building isn't 100% lost :)

Yes, in the internet i was reading, that there are 1 possible entrance at the basement level. We found this entrance quickly and step into an dark room.


We startet our flashlights.
After a few seconds, we were concluding, that we will start at roof-level. Because there were a lot day-light. First 2 basements were completely dark.
After the first shock, we read the following sentence:


I hear some voices, please stop it!

Yes, we walk through the roof-level. But it was very dangerous, because the roof was very old and damaged. So we went downstairs.

And were walking throug the sanatorium stations.



Also there was alot of damaged rooms. Alot of trash :(

This foto looks like they care also some kids. Because there were alot of coloured rooms.



This is the old PA-System of the sanatorium.

The sanatorium cares basically lunger people. In some internet-documents i read, that they care also Adolf Hitler. But I think thats a lie. I have found it in the internet.



This in a typical view of one room. I like the combination of the old building stil with the massiv-strong-stone-building-stil. The building looks so great. Also some movie producers used the building for there movies in the past.



At the left side of the following foto you can see the former entrance of the sanatorium. And at the ride building-wing there were the emergency entrance and the surgery-hall.



This is one of my favourite photos. From the other building-wing, we saw sometimes this chair and it looks, as they live since yesterday a person in this room. Very scary :)


On the old area there were every thing. Some Bus-Stops, parking-areas, a little park, some caretaker houses and this huge chimney of the boiler house.


Yes, it was an fantastic day. We were there maybe 4-5hours. Our greatest fear was, that we see other people in the house. But at this day, we were the only one.

I hope, u like this report. I postet the fotos also at flickr and our german-forum :)

Sorry for my english.
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