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Report - South Bank Coke Ovens underground coal conveyor Jan 2011


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I dont think this has been reported on before thought it may be of interest. This is Corus South Bank Coke Ovens near Middlesbrough though not sure if the name of Corus is still in use. The site is still very much in use and it would appear the coke ovens have a fairly bright future. This conveyor system though is not in use and has been derelict for a number of years now, in fact i first explored it in 2004.


A view of the coking plant with a batch of coke being quenched.


Nearing the mouth of the underground system. At one time this whole area was a mass of sidings were coal was brought in by rail mainly from the Durham coal field and sorted here. Then it was sent to a crusher house and then tipped into hoppers which ran underground. Those rail intensive days have long gone the coal comes in now by lorry and the roasted coke goes out by lorry.


This is the mouth of the tunnel.


This is the first of the hopper stations.


The conveyor belt making its way to the blender house.



Back into daylight


Looks like the writing was on the wall one man to do all the work.


Part of the live plant seen from this building


Here the conveyor enters the large blending bunkers in the background


I was very tempted at this stage to run up to the top though as you can see from the previous pic the metal cladding has been removed in recent years and there was just too much activity going on its almost certain you will be spotted. In the next pic which actually dates back to 2004 when i first attempted this it wasnt a problem.

Looking down from the blender house(2004) this whole scene is very different now at one time there would be rail wagons sidings buildings etc etc.


This one also from the top of the blender house from 2004 with a general view of the plant. From here the coal then went to a pulveriser house and from there went into a massive coal bunker and eventually tipped into a chargeing car and pushed into the ovens for roasting into blast furnace coke. By the mid 1990s the crushing and blending etc was transferred to nearby Redcar making all this plant in this report redundant.


Final pic this one back to the current date looking towards the river Tees. Hope this was of interest.


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Good pics always wondered about those ovens having seen similar one as a kid. Hell of a process.

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