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Report - South Forelands Plotting Room - Dover - August 2010


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The Dover Chronicles Continued - South Forelands Area

Back to Dover this evening with goal of finding Fan Bay, and then to explore South Forelands Battery area.

The Fan Bay coastal battery is an interesting area, and despite reports that the various entrances are hard to find, we had no problem finding the magazine and the deep shelter, despite being the height of summer (the undergrowth was nicely under control!).


1: Some fun in Fan Bay magazines

After a spot of light painting, we moved over to South Forelands and straight away found the first plotting room and deep shelter.


2: Damp roof, but the paintwork still good


3: Pike gets around.


4: Pose for a quick one

The plotting room I was pretty excited about, as I had never done one before, and it didn't disappoint. It was a little wet and muddy in the main plotting room, but I was *amazed* at the condition of the place - it still had good quality paint work on the ventilation and various machines, and was generally pretty tidy and unchavved apart from the entrance. Really happy to have got in here - I hope it stays in the condition, at least.

This one is The Fortress Plotting Room and provided fire control for the four guns nearby when they were operating in conjunction with other local gun batteries.


5: Pretty


6: This place was acceptable in the eighties, from the tags...


7: ...and also more recently


8: Hand of doom!

Then we went and found some more of what the South Forelands Battery site had to offer - various gun mounts, magazines in various states of chavvedness, the officers building, and the second deep shelter. Didn't bother with the second plotting room this time, as time was short and reports have this as fairly fire damaged and in poor condition - and the first was such a prime example I didn't want to spoil the experience.

However, according to UndergroundKent, the one I went in (Plotting Room 2) *was* the fire damaged one, although Plotting Room 1 *looks* worse from their pics - go figure... Looking at other pics, everyone seems to get these mixed up.

Loads to offer here and it was a nice, relaxed evening explore - could have done with more time to check out the underground stuff in detail but at least I now know where it all is... ;)

The More Info Bit

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