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Report - South London Secret Tunnels, 2015


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This is a place that has stirred my curiosity for many a year following a very interesting article I previous read. With virtually nothing online about this place I was determined to find out more.

With all entrances on private land I had to plan my entrance very carefully and after numerous attempts one day I finally struck gold, I could not believe my luck!

Having been led to believe this may be some kind of escape route for the wealthy I must admit I was a little disappointed with my conclusion that this must be a very old drainage system, although I must also admit I still quite enjoyed the explore!

The main tunnel itself was about 400 foot in length although the end had been bricked off. There were also several smaller tunnels which joined along the main tunnel. All were brick lined and varied in size throughout; we could mostly get around crouching, although at places they got a little tighter. There was also a slight gradient throughout which allowed a small trickle of water to flow. There were a few places along the main tunnel that had been bricked off, but unfortunately these were too small to be “escape passages” (and it was at this point where my dream of a “secret escape tunnel for King Henry the VIII” was shattered, although it was always in the back on my mind wondering how he would have been able to get through the tunnels anyway) There were also passages leading up to some of the local gardens although I didn’t fancy a climb.

Anyway check out the pics below and feel free to comment.











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From the Henry VIII reference Hampton Court sounds about right, cool find but have to agree it would mean more if we knew where we're talking about, South London is a big old place....