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Report - South Marston Hotel, Swindon (February 2017)

Joe of Loath

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Hey all

Location: https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@51.5876366,-1.7189195,205m/data=!3m1!1e3

The South Marston hotel was a hotel, spa and leisure centre that closed back in August due to financial issues. After unsuccessfully trying to sell part of the site for housing, they sold the entire site, and everything except the original Victorian building - a Vicarage originally I believe is scheduled for demolition.

I've passed this hotel a few times since it closed, and other than the metal fairies paying a visit, demolition work hasn't started yet. Blueeyedfoxie and I thought we'd go take a look, so we rolled up one Tuesday night and immediately spotted a caravan on site, lit up with a fire outside and music blasting from a tipper Transit*. We took a chance anyway, and came in via the kitchens (they left the coolers full of food, it reeks in there). We got as far as the middle of the kitchen before we realised the music had stopped, and we thought we heard footsteps, so we scarpered and hit the Ivy hotel in Wroughton instead (good spot, had a wander around for an hour or so and took some cool photos).

*We think that travellers were hired to do some of the demolition work, and they're taking turns staying overnight to keep out squatters, pyromaniacs (three abandoned buildings have burned down in the Swindon area recently) and other metal fairies.

I dropped by again after work last week, and was able to get inside and have a good wander around. The metal fairies have done a very thorough job, there is absolutely zero copper left behind. Even offcuts of wire have been stripped and only the insulation is left behind.

Clambering around in my work clothes, thankful that I always carry a torch and a camera (Fuji X-E1 and 27mm f2.8 for those wandering), I had a good poke around. The place is an absolute maze, I got turned around a couple of times and it took me a good five minutes of back and forth to find my way out, even though I'd only explored the leisure centre part of the hotel.


The requisite shite left behind. No doubt vital financial paperwork and an identity theft nightmare.


Guess I'm not the first one here.


No pound coins left behind.


No copper left behind either.


The no longer soft play area.


Practically unused squash court.


No seating left, just framework. Was it aluminium or hardwood? Wanted to take a selfie here but no tripod.


Lots of mirrors in the old gym rooms. Very eerie under torch light.


The amount of broken glass in places made me second guess my choice of footwear (Canvas 5.10 Freeriders with holes in, great for riding bikes and walking up walls, not so good for broken glass).


What's this, swimming pool changing rooms?


Yes, that looks like...




Swimming pool remarkably intact. Except the hot tub, someone has carted away the entire hot tub.


They've even taken the copper form the light fittings...


This steam room won't be seeing any more sweaty old man junk.


Found my way upstairs. "Will this fit on my Honda?"


This doesn't look healthy... I hope that's pudding.


This looks interesting...


Outside! Feat amazing fence continuity.


Back the other way. A nice and messy clamber in my work clothes, my jacket still feels like it's full of fibreglass.

I was getting hungry and decided to call it an evening, even though I'd explored maybe a third of the place. I've since been back with a friend (possibly the noisiest urbexer ever. Loose sheet metal, plastic buckets, stray office chairs, errant fluorescent tubes... You name it, he's stood on it) and a film camera + flashgun for some portraits in the pool area and to explore the reception, Victorian house, kitchens etc.

Will go back again with Blueeyedfoxie for some more advanced portraits at a later date. I'll update this thread with more photos as and when I develop the film. There's still loads left to see, we didn't explore fully and there's still the whole wing with the rooms to look round. This site is surprisingly huge.

Thanks for reading!
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Be gentle
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Me and a friend are planning to go tomorrow, early around midday, will you tag along? Or when wer u planning to go xx

Joe of Loath

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28DL Full Member
Hey, not around this weekend but I'll let you know when I'm going next. If you make it to the rooms post some photos, I've not got there yet!


Be gentle
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Hey, not around this weekend but I'll let you know when I'm going next. If you make it to the rooms post some photos, I've not got there yet!
Will do, can u pm me details on how u got around the gypsys, we will be going in daylight thanks

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