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Report - South Wales Chapels x 3, Jun 21


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Carrying on with the self isolating slinging some reports up here's some more Chapels, in South Wales

Salem Baptist Chapel, Bedding

Built in 1830, rebuilt in 1876 in this Italianate style eventually closing it’s doors in 2015. Currently being stripped.


Moriah Ynystawe, Swansea

Eglwys Moriah was a Welsh Baptist Chapel in Ynystawe, Glamorgan, now in Swansea. The cause began with a Sunday School meeting in Ivy Cottage, Ynystawe, the house of William Lewis, as an off-shoot of Calfaria, Clydach, in 1877. This was successful, to the extent that a separate building (later the chapel vestry) was built in 1882 and a congregation was formed in 1888. A new chapel was built next to the old in 1928. The chapel closed in 2014.


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A impressive collection :thumb I wonder if their is any coal mining books in the last image


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Moriah is one I've had my eyes on for a while, just never made it to it whilst hunting down others!


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Can't go wrong with a Welsh chapel. Each, usually, almost as impressive as the other.

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Lovely ensemble there. Something rather special about abandoned chapels. Some lovely features still in situ too


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Me and @R_yoda slept in that one in Swansea a few years back haha.