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Report - South Wolds School,Etton,nr Beverley,April 09


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I've been keeping my eye on this place for MONTHS, finally somebody gained access and so I followed..

South Wolds Maintained Special school, which catered for children with emotional and behavioural problems, has stood empty after being closed in 2001 by East Riding Council on health and safety grounds.

Developers looking to build four homes worth about a million each on the land...

Although it's a characterless building, there are still some remnants of the past life it enjoyed, the gym, labs, private rooms and workshops all containing evidence of humanity. it's not in TOO bad a state, although halfway through I discovered the sign on this first picture that made me try to breathe a bit less!


The school is in the middle of nowhere, a very tranquil explore..


Chemistry labs, with acetic acid and Nitric acid left out..no wonder it was shut down for health and safety reasons..


Still a decent five-a-side pitch if anyone's looking for a quiet place to play.


Kiln and pottery workshops.


stacks of empty gas canisters left around.. why?


The gym's great, but the ropes are VERY dusty, I tried climbing and had to give up as I was basically breathing rope. (well, that's my excuse for not making it to the top, and I'm sticking to it!)




desk with safe under it.. (door pried off, and empty, in case you're wondering)


I REALLY hope this was an object lesson in spelling, PORRIAGE? MARRIGE? if not then they must've been special teachers too.




There are personal touches in the private rooms that give a hint of the kids who may have spent all their formulative years here. Sad really.


couple of pool tables, but no balls left..


Mr Furry Monster - "STAY IN YOUR ROOM KEVIN"
Kevin - "NO"


a book on "keeping a pony". not really necessary I'd think.


And then Halfway through the explore, all was going swimmingly, until in a pitch black section of the building, my torch picked out THIS...


My heart nearly packed in and my pants nearly filled... I could only think, where's the way out, if he moves, I'm LEGGING it, i was CACKING! Thankfully, after staying ABSOLUTELY still for about a second (!) and examining the head, I noticed it was in fact a stuffed dummy, the kind used for (I presume) target practice, or stabbing with bayonets! There were a load of .22 spent bullets on the flor too, and behind the cabinet a load of cardboard painted targets, the type you find on a shooting range.. So my message to whoever left it there, if you wanted pant-soilage, you very nearly achieved it my friend!



fortunately the facilities WERE there in case trouser soilage had occurred!






there ya have it!


Kaiden Stone

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28DL Member
Hi there I have just looked at your photos of the old school. Actually believe it or not it was my old school back in the day. I attended when it was still Etton Pasture's Secondary from 1983 - 1987. I have some very fond memories of my time there, and some not so very fond memories. The tales I could tell you, I was also a part time boarder there too. I can see by some of the intirior that it must of had a lot of alterations inside, as we never had a science lab there or gym. I do remember the large out door football shed, or as we called it (the cow shed ) pmsl.

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