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Report - Southall Gas holder No 5 - May 2015


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Not posted anything for a while, but I'm going to post up a few things tonight, starting with this for no other reason than it was the first thing to come into my mind.

If you want to see GAS then go do this before they flatten it. I encourage you to, you won't get another chance like this as there's not many of these left of this type.

That said, access inside isn't easy and you do need your wits about you, get it wrong and it's a quick fall to your fate at the bottom, but get it right and it really is an amazing space. If you go here, don't be a dick as you're visible for miles around. If you go in the day put on a high viz and hard hat, look like you belong, it's not hard.

And I will pay homage to Gaj and katie, they did it first when the security all worked, fuck that!

So what is it? Well it's a gas holder of the waterless M.A.N variety, it seals in the gas using oil and tar around the edge of the piston. They were favored in some areas because of their large capacities, low maintenance costs and small footprint. This one is a beast coming in at about 90 metres tall, which is about is high as they come. Built in the early 1930's it could store around 7,500,000 cubic feet of gas, that's a lot!

So on with some photos of what was a really funny day. Visited with Slayaaaaaaaaaaa, Ojay and aem.

I didn't take that many in the end so you have the view from the top.




Inside at the top



How the fuck are we going to get down from here? Props to Slayaaa, he was first down.

Looking down

At the bottom with me for scale

Thanks for looking!



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If anyone else ventures up, DO NOT use that fall arrest rope that's in there, we were gonna use it as a hand line of sorts for getting down, myelf and maniac weighted it up and it wasn't clever, I wouldn't hang my underpants up with it!

Last inspected 2010, I'd say leave alone and never trust anything like that unless your life actually depended on it an extreme circumstances

Public information service over :D

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