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Lead or Rumour info - Southampton based producer looking for locations for a documentary? Any leads?


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Hmm if you're doing a thing on 'urbexing' maybe you should go out and do some 'urbexing' yourself like everyone else

GAJ that right there is comedy gold!

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Bargate is a shit old shopping centre. It was shit when it was open as well. NY2 is impenetrable.

Try and understand the subject you're investigating please.

If you want to make a good documentary, try Fawley Power Station.


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cwm coke is always a goer


Hasnt Ex'd many Urbs!!
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Alex....... as the kids say in the iNterNetz "ROTFLMFAO"

I am a producer at Solent University in Southampton
Hold on a minute, you're either a producer, or a student. You cant be both. Judging by the way you barged in and your quest for help is your first post, the latter.

Anyhow, you've epitymised what is going wrong in the TV production world. I should make a fool of you in Broadcast Magazine!! ....if it wasnt for the fact that someone else did exactly that one year ago.....
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And then there's how 'research' is now done in production offices, which is exactly what you have done....
Diary of an AP: Never quite good enough | Comment | Broadcast

I suspect what has actually happened here is that Spitfire Productions have allowed you to undertake 'work experience' with them, whilst trying to create some sort of 'format' they can sell to Channel 4/5 for an inflated fee. Be warned, you'll get a credit, a poke in the eye, and no payment!

Spitfire's website is a bit.... crap to be honest! It's trying to be all corporate and boast about "best of broadcast crews" whilst at the same time looking like someone's personal hobby site.

As for not reading this thread..... I would guess he's reading the content in the reply notification emails

* Had to post links to cached pages as the website concerned is behind a pay wall/subscription.