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Report - Southampton Water / Ships - 2005

Oxygen Thief

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Well, these were neither abandoned, urban nor derelict. Millions of pounds worth of hardware moored up just waiting to be explored.

A few months back, Riddlers and myself were messing around in Southampton, when we came across these beauties....


After wading out through mud and shite, we climbed up the jetty and straight up the gangplank. The first ship was the ex RFA Sir Geraint, current name unknown.


We had a wander and ended up on the forecastle. From here we could see the security guy watching TV inside. The next ship, a modern freighter, was berthed alongside.


Deciding it would be rude not to climb over, we did. We were just near the gangplank to walk back over to the Sir Geraint, went I nearly bumped into the security guy doing his rounds :eek: . We legged it and hid behind a funnel stack for a while. When I my stuck my head back around, he was only metres away, but missed us again.

Eventually, we made it back to the gangplank, and left the ships. Completely unstealthily, we legged it down the jetty and into the motor, and away.

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