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Lead or Rumour info - Southend Kursaal sudden closure Feb 2019


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“A historic bowling alley in Essex has closed down unexpectedly.

The Kursaal, on Southend seafront, is run by MFA Bowl and appears to have shut down for good after a sign was placed in its doorway saying they were 'closed for business'.

The sign reads: "This site is now closed for business. We would like to thank our customers for all their support and apologise for any inconvenience this closure may cause." “

The building itself with its iconic dome is grade II listed and opened in 1901 as part of one of the world's first purpose-built amusement parks.




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Southend Kursaal
Once considered to be the very soul of Southend-on-Sea, Kursaal has a wonderfully colourful history. It served as the largest fairground in South England for the greater part of the twentieth century and, though the fairground and all of its attractions are long gone now, it still stands today as a venue of entertainment and leisure.
In 1893, local father and son Alfred and Bernard Wiltshire Tollhurst bought four acres of land in an effort to create a marine park and gardens. The building that we now know today as being the Kursaal, characterised by its Edwardian architecture and dome, wasn't actually built until 1901, where it functioned as a ballroom and dining hall. Over the years it was expanded into a 26 acre fairground with a range of different sideshows, stalls and rides including all the old favourites such as the Waltzer, bumper cars, toboggan ride, a ghost train, and much much more. In 1916, a zoo was added to the fairground exhibiting animals from around the world including bears, tigers and wolves.
Unfortunately the beginning of WW2 brought about a new era in Southend where the Kursaal was commandeered to serve military purposes, and the entertainment resort was closed to the public. Though reopened when the war was over, the idea of housing a zoo again had been abandoned for good. The 50's and 60's saw Kursaal at its greatest, attracting tourists to its rides and roller coasters once again and booming with even more popularity than it had before. The Kursaal Ballroom soon became a major venue for live music, hosting big bands like Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Thin Lizzy and even Queen in 1973. The same year that the amusement park closed down for good due to financial reasons. The following years saw the decline of the beloved Kursaal until 1986 when the building finally closed, and the remaining area where the amusement park once stood was gradually sold off and bull-dozed to make way for the new Kursaal housing estate.
After a multi-million pound redevelopment, the Kursaal building was reopened again in 1998. Though the Kursaal building has remained over a century mostly unchanged, the surrounding areas have undergone tremendous amounts of transformations over the decades. But its legacy as a centre of entertainment continues on as the Kursaal building now contains a function suite, casino, bowling alley and arcade amusements.


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Has anyone seen if you can get in?
From driving past the other day it looked like the front doors were open but the indoor main entrance doors were locked. A few people having around outside seeming disappointed to find the closure. I plan on having a proper look sometime this week for any access. Will update on here.


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I’m a bit late to the party now but it’s fully closed and has been since around April. But for anyone looking to go there I’d be wary as security is on the site as there was problems with squatters and homeless in the building with a coworker being chased when we were told to collect any remaining belongings. There’s access through the back of the car park and that’ll bring you to a kind of bay and some separate bowling lanes
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