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Report - Southern Sudan Beverages,Brewery, Africa, june 2009

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Southern sudan beverages is a part of the chain SABMiller (south african breweries) they are 1 of the biggest breweries in the world with 35 breweries in africa alone and many more around the world.

This specefic projoct here in Southern Sudan, from start to fnish has set them back USD$35m.

After being here for 8 months now i thought it was time to post a report now theres finaly a finished product.
The brand that is being produced is a 4.2% lager named White Bull.

The water source to the factory is pumped 5km through a 6" pipe directly from the river Nile which runs through Africa and also the pipe branches off to supply the neighbouring villages with clean water after it goes through the filtration plant by the riverside.

All the equipment in the factory consists of 2 seperte factories 1 from Bulgaria and the other used to produce lowenbrau in Malta which Stepping Lightly dismantled with us.

The night i took the pics it was a full moon so thought it a better night as any didnt have a tripod so did my best.

This is the main entrance, the tightest entrance/exit in the world and the drivers here are not so cool so i wont give the security hut much time before its a pile of rubble.

This is the malt block, Picture dont show much of the machinery due to the ridiculous stock pile of malt thats piled up to the roof and thats not to mention the 9 40foot containers that are also full outside.

Here is the brew house this is where the beer is made and the ingredients are added then boiled and mashed.

This is the genral purpose area as its known and the tanks that you see still to be lagged are the beer storage tanksthis is where the beer is stored before it goes to the bottling hall to be bottled.

Here are 2x 16 ton boilers that producu the steam to the full factory.

The compressor room.

Here you have the bottling hall all the crates are loaded and unloaded manually

The fermenting vessels, here is where the beer is fermented and produces yeast for the next brew.

The road with the diesel tanks to the right and the solar pannels ontop.

This is the co2 plant that produces the gas that gives you bubbles in your beer.

Down by the Nile, this is where the water is pumped from to the factory the pumps are situated inside the tank you see because in raining season the water level of the river rises aroumd 2 metres therefor the pumps would be submerged under the water.
The bridge you see is simply just winch the pipe from out of the water to unblock it.

This is where the genertor is situated to power the pumps by the river.

Doubt i will be doing anything else out here as every tom,dick and harry carries an AK47 and is permanently pissed:crazy