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Lead or Rumour info - Sovet Tanks as far as the eye can see!


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If anyone wants to pop over I'll tag along and get them working! :D

The T-72 is the most uncomfortable tank I have ever set foot in as well as drove. The autoloader the russians always insisted on made them damn uncomfortable in the turret. A sweaty bloke can actually beat it for rounds per minute hands down and best of all, he is the crew's brew bitch which is why most western tanks dont use one! ;)


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Google Earth link if you intend to visit LoL


From elsewhere:

Last June [2010] it was reported that Ukraine is selling 200 T-72s to Ethiopia (T-72B1 version). There was unofficial information of additional 200 being upgraded to T-72UMG for that country.

T-72B1 are repaired at Lviv Tank Repair Plant
T-72UMG are upgraded at Kyiv Repair Plant

All of the T-72s due to be repaired or upgraded for Ethiopia are coming from such "tank fields" located at Kharkiv, Kyiv, Lviv plants. Tanks repaired and then sold to South Sudan also came from the same "fields".

Also see on Google Earth image of the Kharkiv Tank Repair Plant. As you can see, we can call it "abandoned" only the part where tanks are stored. Other buildings are more or less in maintained condition (at least the roofs are OK )
How the fuck does a nation like Ethiopia afford to equip themselves with a fleet of restored T-72s?

Bob Geldoff?


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Wow that place looks freakin' awesome, want in!


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Jealous! You'd never find something like that in the UK!

I'll give them 9/10 for parking!


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Oh man, Eastern Europe has so many Cold War sites I wanna see, this is now one of them, however... I doubt I'll ever go there though. So sketchy. Especially for me! ha.
But I've never seen such a sight. I love the whole Cold War thing. And things like this tank graveyard is just...wow.