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Report - Spillers Millennium mills, April 2012


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yet another site report on the mills, im sure you all are aware of the history of the place by now so ill just crack on.

A cold and rainy night, myself and two other explorers Drunken monk and serenity and one first time explorer, for now we will call them E, put a long awaited and long planned explore into action.

we arrived at the site in the early hours of the morning, got very lucky and had timed it just right as to when secca drove past on his rounds. This was it! we all darted into the grounds and kept as low to the floor as we could, constantly look around of for any site of head lights.
since it was chucking it down by the time we got to the rank hovis building, needless to say all four of us where rather drenched all over. Now in the building and a good couple of hours at least till sunrise and not wanting to risk shinning torches and secca spotting us we waiting in the basement untill sunrise.
After a very long wait of sitting on concrete in wet/ damp clothing and almost shivering to death we where greeted with a very nice site indeed, day light!. After a short scout around and taking a couple of photos we found the alleged 'leap of faith'.. which was hardly living up to its name, ive seen bigger gaps over manhole covers.

we did an explore and took as many photos as we good before our energy began to get the better of us and decided to leave, upon leaving secca was sitting where we planned to make our exit

after a while a quick check was made to see if secca was still sitting by the gate, which he was, we decided to make our alternative risky exit, by climbing under a half moon palisade we about 2ft gap above water level, DM and S got under safely leaving myself and E, i was about to start edging my self under when the worst thing i could of heard was heard "OI!!", me and E swung around to see a Florissant jacket about no more then 20ft away and didn't stop to look at anything else, i just went for it full force swung under the palisade and was on the other side in an instant, similar time for E.

Then the fun began, we ran our heats off, about half way to the exit point we hear the engine of the infamous silver pick up start, also at the same time i see E trip over some brambles and go face first in to the ground, i run back to her and hit the deck, for what seemed like forever [ which probably was only for about 60 seconds] we waited, perfectly still after not hearing anything resembling an engine we poked our heads up and made a second attempt for the exit point, E was really struggling at this point and was really out of breath and was in a fair amount of pain from the fall... finally at the exit point and out we see DM and S who never looked so relieved to see us!.

It was an experience of the mixed kind, scary and exciting and a damn hell of a lot of adrenaline .

now for the pics;


















Sorry for the heavy amount of photos.
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