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Report - Spillers Millennium Mills, December 2011


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Visited with Zotez. No history needed so straight to the visit.

Had a slightly delayed start for me personally due to engineering works between Oxford-Didcot as well as the underground routes we needed, so we ended up at Pontoon Dock at about 1pm (started travel at 9:30am FYI). Just as we had a view over the grounds from the DLR we saw a group of about 3 explorers (own up if you're a member here) already walking past D Silo making their way in without a problem. Indeed, we made our way in (which was tight and painful! At least it got us out close) without any hassle from security. By the time we made our way to the front there they were sitting on the edge of the "open room," reassuring us there was no security around thankfully. We then made our way in, and got to the leap of faith. Now let me tell you, there's no problem going across, it's going back that's horrible!

Although we missed the white annexe West of the mill (accessible only from roof) so not much grain slides we saw most if not all of the original building. It's fair to say that the floors can sometimes be quite repetitive; sometimes it's a case of one floor being an empty shell but another being full to the brim of the original machinery. And as much as this has been done before I've definitely seen some stuff today that either hasn't been covered or has been very little, which is brilliant. Overall it's among the best the best industrial explores I've ever done, among Dalton Mills and the Courage Brewery. If you're not a fan of industry I'd still recommend it for the marvellous views across London and the sound of the planes flying above you from the airport next door!

As for security, as I've said it was a walk in the park initially; we looked over to the cabin and the car never moved for ages. Luckily for the explorers who left late afternoon it was easy coming and going. He started about 30 mins later so we watched him for a while but the sun was setting and we didn't want to risk the treacherous floors in both Millennium and Rank Hovis. We'd got to the bottom where you enter and hey ho there was security at the fence by the massive boat (not the one stored in the grounds). He drove round to the front, I hid behind the wall and Zotez behind a pillar. For 15 minutes we waited; Zotez was damn lucky not getting busted, in owing to his stature and his ability to stand dead still and silent. The guard thought he could fool us (although he didn't know we were there) by turning his headlights off but the sound of his engine gave him away. Once he moved, we realized he'd sealed the fence so (a first for both Zotez and I) after much "shall we do xxx or yyy?" we bit the bullet and climbed the palisade with no injuries sustained thankfully! The rest of our escape was pretty easy afterwards, simply waiting for the guard to make his move so we could make ours. Finally got out using a less painful access thankfully so it ended well. To give you an analogy of our experience, it was very much like a game of chess in that he makes his move, then you make yours. Make a wrong move and you're screwed! It's not easy but it's great fun and well worth the effort!











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