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Report - Spillers Rank Mills, London - Feb 2011


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My first posting, and first real urbex exploration. Brief, but very, very nice.

I biked down to the site from North London, and really it was meant only to be a recon mission as I was alone.

Anyway, there was plenty of daylight left when I got there and once I could see the mills..well....it felt like this was an itch that needed scratching :thumb

I was travelling light and so had no torch, no 'real' camera, gloves, etc. The joy of agility.... but I was shorn of my high res camera gear...not even a tripod for me tiny digicam. Swings and roundabouts as they say, but it helped me move shift my ass more quickly. Once I made it into the mill I realised that I absolutely needed a flashlight on the next trip there....plus an exploring buddy. I'm sure I will head back there real soon so if there are any other 28 dayers thinking the same then let me know....





Only really explored a limited amount of the mill as the section I entered had a staircase which lead only to a very segmented part of this huge building. Next time I hope to find the route which gets me into more of this amazing place :D



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