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Report - Spinkhill rail tunnel - Sheffield. June 2010


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After buying some new kit for a pending visit to the Megatron, I was all dressed up with nowhere to go. As a result I found myself revisiting an old friend. Armed with my camera phone once again (sorry, must buy a new camera) I set off for a wander through the disused rail tunnel at Spinkhill.

The Lancashire, Derbyshire & East Coast Railway extension from Clowne to Killamarsh was opened at the end of the 19th Century. It later came under the ownership of the Great Central railway in 1907. At Spinkhill, a route was cut below Park Hall, the tunnel being 450m long.

Neither of the entrances are bricked-up, an effort has been made to keep people out in the way of a 20m long dugout which is permanently water filled (and unfortunately deeper than my wellies are long, I was sorry to say :( ) at the northern end. The southern opening is now home to a large pile of rotting potatoes and seeds courtesy of the local farmer.

I parked up in a nearby industrial estate and wandered over, past the old station. The station is in great condition and being lived in - I got some somewhat bemused looks from the owners as I went trudging past the bottom of their garden.

Northern Entrance

Northern facade starting to come away



Southern Entrance, potatoes and all - Notice the wall thickness of only four bricks this end as opposed to eight at the other end

On top of the Northern end

This bridge just after the station forms one of the three 'Spinkhill bumps' on the road it carries.

The station

Random lamp post in the middle of the woods

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