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Report - Spring Quarry Parts 9 and 10 - The Hospital and West Lung


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So here we are again! two more sections to add to the saga! Il start this one in the obvious way by saying a big thanks to Rigsby and Vdub for a heads up that the ball was back in our court with this place. With things possible once more i headed back over as soon as humanly possible, there was (and still is) defiantly alot more to see under Corsham

Part 9 - The Hospital and The Previously Elusive

The hospital is a pretty special part of site 3, definalty one of the more complete areas which is also preserved in great condition. We missed it first time around which had played on my mind a little since. This time we headed more or less straight there.





The hospital itself is magnificant, again like the telephone exhange much larger than i expected with ward rooms, treatment rooms, beds, sluices and even its own little kitchen where we were cursng our lack of water and teabags after finding the working stove complete with kettle and two massive tubs still full of ration biscuits!




The X-Ray room, while being a little dissapointing in the way that it didnt contain any form of mad 1950s X-Ray equipment, had been taken over as a home for most of the bunkers literature and maps. We had bumped into one or two other little rooms like this around the site but this was the best with some truly mad additions to the libary! The maps i belive originated from the 'Map Room' and had been brought to the hospital in attempt to preserve them, indeed there were several heaters on the go but sadly as we checked out a few bundles it became clear that many had suffered irreprible damage allready.









Finaly for Part 9 a few other areas that were missed before

Firstly the public adress system. This place was basicly where things would be played over the bunkers tannoy system, a suprisingly large room contained a lone microphone and lurking next door sat a stunning 1950s valve amp and record player. A 'slightly' less redundent cassette player and amp lurked on the other side of the room but attempts to play 'how to use a micrometer' through out the whole bunker were quickly deemed to be nothing more than an interesting way to jail.. :gay




Finaly the BBC Studio

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Part 10 - The West Lung

The West Lung was one of the main areas that we simply didnt get time for earlier in the year. It was near the bottom of our list back then and seems it was bottom of alot of peoples lists this time around aswell. While this is totaly understandable considering whats on offer, in hindsight it was pretty foolish for this area of the quarry was almost as breath taking as Burlington!

It was relitivley common knowlage that the place contained mining remains but exactly what was in there seemed tough to quantify. Id never seen any photos from that end of the quarry and neither had anyone id spoken too. Rigsby and a few others had entered the night before and reported epic cranes but had not had the chance to explore properly and so with Burlington pretty much done we again set out on an expidition into the unknown!

Back in the quarrys factory days the west lung was originaly intended to be used by Dowty but development was abandoned not long after it started due to damp. This was pretty clear to see as we headed up out of the Burlington airlock, once the concreate road way ended a few hundered yards in theres very little sign of modern development, you may as well have been in Box or Browns (or atleast Box or Bowns on crack!)

When they said this area contained mining remians they were not kidding! We wandered for little more than and hour and past nearly 30 cranes, not just any old cranes either, were talking properly intact and probably in some cases working cranes, some still had blocks of stone hanging from them ffs! Along with the cranes there were tools, wheel barrows, bottles, graffiti and some interesting shafts and wells tucked away here and there too. Stunning!







So there we go, Part 10! Barely open 3 days and its gone again! Will we see a Part 11? I doubt it, that really would be milking it! :D

Onward to the next one driver!



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Stunning work, those crane shots are just amazing they look like a bit of a bitch to light. Fantastic report and write up, i am so jealous.


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cracking stuff speedio!


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loving the crane shots speedster :thumb

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Top shots mate !

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Yeah the cranes were fantastic.
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wicked and like u said never really seen any pics of the old workings over that way, great to see its been done, defo on the list for another day :thumb


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Jesus, as you say how could anything else down there take your attention away from the bunker...! But that row of cranes is epicness on a stick!