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Report - Springfield Brewery (post-fire), Wolverhampton, December 2012.


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- Springfield Brewery -


There's hardly anything left standing of the brewery now, and what's left is very bare and empty...
Thought I'd still make a report though.

I've seen reports on here after the fire (fire in 2006) with the building/most of it burnt but standing still with security on site which is understandable, but now It's barren and there's no need for security :banghead (...or is there?), more about this later...

The History...

During the 1830s, William Butler worked as a shingler in the Thorneycroft Ironworks while running his own grocery business in John Street, Priestfield. In 1840 he started supplying his workmates with home-made brew which proved so popular that within two years he was able to quit the Ironworks and concentrate full-time on his shop and the small brewery he had built behind it.

Within eight years he had built the first village brewery at Priestfield using local wells. He employed a manager to run the shop and took on the first drayman to deliver the larger casks of ale that customers were demanding. The Priestfield Brewery continued to expand and take on more staff until 1872 when the wells began to run dry. A new site was found at Springfield which benefitted from a plentiful water supply and the adjacent railway. The new brewery was in full operation by 1874.

During the 1880s, two of William's sons, William junior and Edwin, joined him in the business. The young William died in 1886 causing his father to reject the idea of retirement who thereafter worked in the business until he died in 1893. William's second son, Edwin, took over the family business but only survived his father by five months. This only left William's youngest son, Samuel, in the business. He remained on the Board of Directors until 1950. During his lifetime the brewery continued to expand. In 1960 the company was taken over by Mitchells & Butlers of Cape Hill. A year later Mitchells & Butlers merged with Bass, Ratcliff & Gretton to from Bass, Mitchells & Butlers Ltd.

Inside The Perimeter.



Security Guard Door.
Thought no one was on site and was empty so I walked up to this door and tried to open it to get inside, as I put my hand on the door; the door opens from the other side to a security guard, we shocked each other a bit, weird moment... He then asked the usual questions like: "What are you doing here?", "How did you get on here?", "You shouldn't be here."

Quickly replied with: "Hello", "Just taking photos" waving my camera., "Ah there's a hole in the fence", (quickly) "Sorry, is it all right if I take photos over there though?" and not here (by the offices, in the building) gesturing away towards the brewery remains...
He then says "yes" quickly without really thinking so I say "Thank you!" and quickly walk away and go underground...

He seemed like a nice chap thankfully, being quite friendly to each other; laughing a bit.


Walking away.



As I come back out/up I peer around the corner to make sure no one's there... I see the same security guard walking up and down looking for me, so run over into a building and wait there for 10 minutes.

No trouble again after that...



Main Entrance.


Some equipment/tools still remain.




Strange Building.
Although the brewery burnt down this stands and looks quite new/being restored... Seems to have wood protecting it and new 1st floor fixtures in the rooms.


There might be a need for security then. Wonder what It's future is...




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