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Report - Springfield Hospital, Tooting Bec, Oct 2009


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28DL Full Member
Visited about a month ago, making this probably one of the most up to date reports I've published in a while lol :gay

Anyway, the hospitals large, grand and in nice condition, with only one wing actually derlict, a lot of the main hospital in the process of winding down, and a few new build blocks & wards knocking about in the grounds.

Getting to it from our floorspace in london was a bit of a joke, london transport should be so good, but so many misinformed soles sending you in the wrong direction don't help one bit. By the time we reached the hospital we were knackered, needed a cup of tea and the weather was crap.

Anyway, feast on some pictures, only digi, film won't be done for ages yet ;)


Admin, nice building, all of the exterior of this place is nice.


The block to the left is derelict, the door to the right is live, and leads into a nice warm corridor reaking of that unmistakable, hospital smell :Not Worthy


OK, I understand why the kiddies painted the lower level of window boards to brighten the place up a bit (now weathered badly) but what the HELL is this thing!? its like something from silent hill.
A child like yet adultsized figure, brightly painted by kids, stood a few feet behind a rusty chainlink fence partially under a tree? WTF to t'max
Saying that, it would look good standing outside my house, keep the jahovis away.


moving inside, peet whipped out his large one and we set up some obviously staged corridoor shots with the remnants of a hobos living space.




The sun came out, made it nice and warm for us.

The derelict ward is 3 storeys tall, each floor a little different.


ground or first floor, there is a link to a room which is sort of part of the main hospital, again, go thru a door and you'll be in the live part, securely bolted & nailed though


body mist, perfume & cheese, I think I want to meet this person




life in medium format, looks sexhy


Boards of Canada, were inspired and named themselves after the national film board of canada, the well loved scottish electronic duo ripped countless awesome 70's soundbytes from these tapes. This one was a safety film 'They Called it fireproof' I can just imagine the tacky 70's flawed and flared to hell shots, the cheesemeister sound effects and the just out of place narrations, often from a bloke who just doesn't fit the roll, but urgh, I want to watch it!!!


the burn't out room, by this stage of our london rape, I felt about as good as this looks.


Fav corridoor shot from the site, end it on a high!

Overall I didn't think much of springfields when I was there, but in heindsight she was actually not bad, not a big place, and not a lot to look at, but you can play around with shots to your hearts content, we didn't have a lot of time, maybe an hour or so hence the pictures aren't the best. Might post some more hospitals up when I get a chance.