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Report - Springmount Mill, Stockport - December 2017


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Finally got round to posting this and haven't seen it don on here before! Some history from Stockport council
The site currently comprises the Springmount Mills complex. The former cotton spinning mill was constructed in the 1870s, on the site of an earlier bleach and printing works, and extended and altered in the early to mid-20th century. The roughly L-plan complex comprises three late C19 spinning mills, with warehouse and offices, built of red brick with slate or flat roofs. Buildings at the site, which date back to the early 1800s, are seen as having historical significance and it is planned to retain parts of them.

In recent years the few remaining carpet retailers and various other units have left the mill leaving the entire site empty. The mill has suffered fire damage which has ripped through one of the floors and caused significant damage. Apparently drug users have inhabited the place recently but I saw no signs on my visit.

The Visit
In hindsight arriving to the mill at 7am on a freezing December morning probably wasn't necessary as access was easy as anything and I was wandering around inside for over an hour without being able to see a thing. While most of the mill is stripped there are a few remaining artefacts on the ground level and some very interesting doors, wallpapers and various other bits. There did seem to be unsettling noises constantly while I was there but just turned out to be pigeons and a loose shutter knocking around. There's a mix of raw and edited photos which I hope you can all enjoy, forgot to get exterior ones so here's one credit of the MEN.



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I think a few of us have been in over the years but I guess nobody has ever thought It warranted a report, nice to see someone document it on here though
Most interesting thing in here used to be an old Vauxhall Mulliner, looks like that's long gone ? ....apart from that it was pretty shite.

Yeah there was that and a mk10 jag i think. They went about 3 years ago.

Is that lagonda still on the top floor of the storage place on the A6?


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Wow can't believe I missed the basement, might have to go for another look.
Oh I do that a lot, completely miss the entire west wing of a building! First thing I try to do is find the stairwell, go as high as possible, then down to the bottom. Spring Mount has confusing levels, and a couple of staircases.

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