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Report - Springside Paper Mill - Belmont - August 2011


big in japan
Regular User
Visited with tweek

It was one of those mornings. Up at 3am and primed for something serious, I made my way into the city in the pouring rain to meet tweek to begin an assault on a potential heap of mega win. It would have been brilliant, but as we both failed to realise, it was one of those mornings. We got failed off, and over our commissary brew and bacon sarnies, we decided to head over to a plan B for a bit of rotten industrial wastage.

Spring Side Paper mill has been home to manufacturing of one form or another for around 150 years and was operated most recently by Kruger Tissue who wound down operations here in June 2006. The site was being moth balled early 2007, with planning permission being granted for a 2.4m meter perimeter fence in Jan 07. http://www.blackburn.gov.uk/upload/pdf/10-06-1140.pdf
The site itself is a mish-mash of old and new buildings, with the newest being built in 2000. Most of the massive warehouse buildings are empty shells, containing nothing but the remnants of the copper fairies, but one or two of the older buildings are rather nice little mooch..













Paper stalactites!








Clocking in.


The keen eyed amoungst you will notice that this phone still works…

Where's my money?


And remember kids…..


Big Az

28DL Member
28DL Member
Hi mate, I know that obviously this was years and years ago but I have also been there myself in the past and I'm just a bit concerned about seeing the asbestos warning signs everywhere, was it safe to go in? Had asbestos been removed?


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
I very much doubt any asbestos would have been removed from a site like that, the owners just won't spend the money when the site is mostly derelict. Unless disturbed it won't cause much of a problem, I'm guessing the majority of asbestos would have been in the roof material.
How long ago was it since you went, since they put the big fence around?

Big Az

28DL Member
28DL Member
It was when the fence was there but someone had broken it allowing you to fit through and they have actually begun to demolish the site, lots remain but the lowest part at the bottom of the hill is completely demolished and water has been drained. I only stood in the doorway of the warehouse that I noticed on one of the photos had a broken asbestos roof but I'm just a bit concerned for a couple of my mates who walked right in to the very end and didn't really understand the dangers.


Regular User
From what I recall, and what I think I wrote in my report, there was loads of exposed asbestos. That being said, this was 6 years ago now - and we were perhaps a little green back then when it comes to this hobby.

Like quite a lot of places it always surprises me how little footfall some sites get compared to others. I don't think anyone else has been here and posted photos. There were a few other occupied and vacant buildings on the site which may have been worth a look, but alas, no bites.

All our photos are pretty terrible, mind. Probably didn't do a great job of selling the place.

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